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7 Crazy Things Done by Bollywood Actors in 90’s Era

The era of the ’90s in Bollywood was the time when romance, thrill and action were in full swing. But as the industry entered the next era, much was left behind for embracing the new. There is much 90s time stuff that lets you know at one glance that this belongs to Bollywood. Even though you might not find them in the films that are still being produced today, we can not deny the fact that actors were doing those things for a film at that time.

Get ready to join the laughter coaster ahead

1. Chest Hair

This looks awful’ many of us could react like this now, but at that time a man’s masculinity was defined by the chest hair. Now everything is neat and clean.

2. Mouth Organs

Playing the protagonist’s mouth organ was like a routine that every movie was compelled to fulfil. Despite him, an album felt incomplete.

3. Letter Writing


This act was primarily associated with the people involved in the security forces. Until breaking up with the actor, the actress would write a long letter or the actor might leave a message letting the actress know he would soon come to marry her.

4. Choreographed dance numbers at random places


Suddenly the actor wants to dance and everybody around him starts dancing in perfect coordination with him. Wish I was allowed to dance with such loud music too when lectures were taking place at the college.

5. The scene in Sarsoon Ka Khet


If the film is shot in the western part of the country, then scenes from the village included scenes shot in the fields and particularly in Sarsoon Ka Khet. The actress may prevail around the entire area or the two protagonists may just lay down and chill before the action.

6. The sad song was synonymous to piano


The actor crashes the party of the actress and begins to play the piano while singing to express his grief. Partys in the time of today mean DJ, food, and drink.

7. Quirky suit colours


The performers chose to wear vivid uniforms such as bright orange, purple, and light blue. Now suits are confined to only black, grey and brown colours.

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