What social media tools sync with LinkedIn?

What social media tools sync with LinkedIn?

30 Jul 2023


Social Media Management

Overview of LinkedIn Synchronization

Let me unlock the secret door to a world bustling with social media magic for you. Yes, folks, we're about to dive into the interconnected realm of LinkedIn and the numerous social media tools that sync beautifully with it. This isn't a journey into the usual. Imagine it's kind of like doing the cha-cha on a tightrope over a pit of tweeting birds. I promise to not make this journey as perilous as it sounds. Shall we?

Dance of the Dynamic Duos: Social Media Tools That Play Nice With LinkedIn

When it comes to choosing the right social media tools that can sync well with LinkedIn, much depends on the specific requirements and the functions you need. Believe it or not, LinkedIn isn't just for diving headfirst into a scrum of job hunters and HR folks. It's a hub of social and professional networking. Whether you're trying to stamp your brand-ish footprint in the professional field, or, like me, unabashedly sleuthing on what your old high school nemesis is up to (definitely not as a millionaire, I hope), different utilities come in handy.

Hootsuite: The Night Owl of LinkedIn Management

Let's start at the top with Hootsuite. It's not just a tool that sounds like it might be an owl's night club – it's a power-packed utility that synchronizes with LinkedIn pretty effectively. The charm points of Hootsuite are its ability to schedule posts, view extensive analytics, and manage connections. It's also got a fancy capability to track conversations and trends. I used this feature once to analyze why exactly 'cat yoga' was becoming a thing. The revelation, while amusing, was kept private and shall go with me to the grave, thank you very much.

Buffer: The Juggling Maestro

As someone who's often found tripping over my schedule, Buffer has been like the sturdy zimmer frame I didn't know I needed! With Buffer, you can easily schedule and publish posts on LinkedIn and receive some very insightful analytics about how they're performing. Once, I met an artist who kept on posting his masterpieces on LinkedIn using Buffer. The feedback, appreciation, and contacts he got just by seeing how to best reach his audience made even my odd socks line up straight in the drawer. Impressive, eh?

Sprout Social: The Green Thumb of Social Media

Sprout Social may not turn your thumb green or enable you to finally grow that bonsai tree your ex left behind. However, it can help your LinkedIn profile blossom to its fullest potential. With its ability to monitor LinkedIn messages, publish and schedule posts, and view deep-dive analytics, Sprout Social can really elevate your LinkedIn game. Case in point: a friend used Sprout Social to cultivate her LinkedIn presence and now her can-do attitude is as popular as avocados on toast. You really can't beet, I mean, beat that!

Oktopost: The Octopus of Social Media Tools

The charm of Oktopost lies in its extensive ability to handle not just LinkedIn, but other social media platforms as well. With its ability to track, analyze, publish, and schedule posts, it's like having a multi-armed octopus handling your LinkedIn profile – minus the ink splotches. And unlike an actual octopus, Oktopost can give you extensive analytics of your LinkedIn activity. Now, that's handy!

IFTTT: The Jack-of-All-Trades Gadget

If only my shoelaces could tie themselves and my breakfast emerge warm and ready from the fridge each morning. Sigh. However, IFTTT (If This Then That) is pretty much the next best thing. It creates chains of simple conditional statements, or "applets," that are triggered based on changes to other web services such as Gmail, Instagram, or even your smart home devices. I don't need a crystal ball to tell you that the way IFTTT synchronizes with LinkedIn is a game changer. It's a bobsled ride of features – syncing calendar events, sending updates, generating automated actions, and even sharing your tweets on LinkedIn! It's almost as good as having a personal assistant. If only it could make coffee...

CoSchedule: The Calendar that Syncs with More than just Dates

Now, imagine a calendar that doesn't just remind you of dinner with your always-late friend, Rita, but can also be used to plan, organize and distribute content across various social platforms including LinkedIn. That, my friends, is the magic of CoSchedule. It does more than just maintain a timetable – it manages every stage of the marketing workflow. It even handles my hefty post ideas and helps me unravel the knotted spaghetti junction of my mind. If only it could remember where I kept my house keys, then we'd really be talking!

So there you have it, a romp through the park of syncing LinkedIn with other social media tools. Sure, it may seem daunting at first, like standing at the precipice of a waterslide into a pool of data metrics, but just remember what Daxton here told you. You can master it, tame the wild beast of interconnectedness, and maybe even impress that fancy date with your savvy LinkedIn power moves. And remember folks, it's a jungle out there, so equip yourself properly!

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