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Everyone is quite familiar with the Pataudi Family and its members, right? Be it Sharmila Tagore, Saif Ali Khan, Kareena Kapoor Khan or any other member we know them all. Well, we thought so as well, but do you know about Saba Ali Khan?? No?? So, today we have come up with the unknown and interesting facts about this member of the Pataudi family.

To your surprise, Saba Ali Khan is the second child of the late Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi and Sharmila Tagore. She is a jewelry designer and Chief Trustee of the Royal Trust of Bhopal named Auqaf-e-Shah. Let us know briefly about some of her life events :

It is true that not every star-kid choose acting!!! There are many who chose the other paths and Saba happens to be one of them. She is said to have a very shy personality and does not intend to work in the glam industry alike the other members of the family. She is very much satisfied with the work she does and is even glad that she was able to gain recognition in her jewelry work.

She was born and brought up in Mumbai but, she was very young when her family moved to Delhi. Saba values her traditions throughout her childhood, she has been surrounded by clothes with traditional embroideries which inspired her to be a jewelry designer. Thus, you never get to see her in public because she is a busy woman. Yes, her work keeps her very busy!!!

She is about 43 years old and still unmarried. She lives with her family and shares a good bonding with her sister-in-law Kareena. In addition to her business, Saba also handles a property of Nawab Khanadan worth Rs 2700 crore. 

Saba served under her father as Deputy Trustee (naib mutawalli) before taking over the reigns after his demise, while her brother Saif Ali Khan inherited the titular titles of the Nawab of Bhopal and Pataudi and the respective estate.

On the personal front, she always desires to stay close to her siblings. She also shares a good relationship with her sister-in-law Kareena Kapoor. It is been said that when Saif Ali Khan once requested her to design jewellery for Kareena Kapoor, she said “Yes” and that’s how the bonding started.

After completing her studies at Delhi College of Art, she acquired a diploma in Gemmology and Design. She deals in exquisite diamond jewellery and has her own special line.

Unlike her siblings, Saba did not marry. She is a strong and independent woman who is successful and single.

She is very camera-shy and hence, stays away from all the glamour. But she is apparently a movie buff and watches all the films that star her family members. She never had plans to enter Bollywood.

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