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5 Movies That Hollywood Has Copied From The Bollywood

 Let’s Take A Look At 5 Movies That Hollywood Has Copied From The Bollywood

1. Leap Year (2010)

Lear year which has been inspired by “Jab We Met”. The makers of leap year which was released in 2010 claim that it’s not a remake of Jab We Met which was made in 2007. In both the movies the girls are talkative, they are silly, and determined to get the boyfriend so that they can propose to them. Along the way she should get help from a young guy who in general has not any good luck and is depressed in life. They argue, they stay in a hotel, they have to share a room, they can’t be together, they reunite, the kiss. The only difference in both the films is that Leap Year takes place in Ireland and therefore obviously set in the backdrop of the Irish traditions meanwhile Jab We Met is based in Manali and Bhatinda.

2. A Common Man (2013)

Next on the list is “A Common Man” which is a remake of “A Wednesday”. A common man which is made in 2013, it stars Ben Kingsley, the Oscar winning actor and Ben cross in the lead roles. The film is directed by Sri Lankan director Chandran Rutnam and is an official remake of the Indian sleeper hit. A Wednesday tells the story of a common man who goes to extreme lengths to avenge his loss. A Wednesday was a critically acclaimed film and won many awards. The remake “A Common Man” also won many awards at the Madrid International Film Festival. A Wednesday is a movie certainly worthy of a remake and since the remake won quite a few awards so kudos to the remake.

3. Delivery Man (2013)

Next up on the list is Delivery Man which is inspired by Vicky Donor. The Delivery Man was released in 2013 and focuses on the themes of sperm donation and infertility which is very similar to the Indian film Vicky Donor which stars Ayushmann, Yami Gautam and was released in 2012. The main theme and central plot of both the films are same, it’s about a man who donates his sperm for money. However the screenplay of the Delivery Man is pretty different. Hollywood certainly knows how to add its own touch and not just simply stealing the stuff.

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