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Dark Secrets Of Kanika Kapoor

Keeping aside the fact that she is one of the best singers in Bollywood, we have created the list of dirty secrets of Kanika Kapoor what she wants to forget or hide.

1. Accused of selling music to top labels in the country

Little you know about the fact she Kanika Kapoor was sued for stealing and selling music. In 2014, Punjabi singer and music producer Dr. Zeus had accused Meet Brothers and singer Kanika Kapoor of lifting his music without permission.

Furthermore, Dr. Zeus had asked to get credit for the song Baby Doll as a producer. Such cases are very common in the music industry.

It became debatable when Dr. Zeus went forward to accuse Kanika Kapoor particularly to stealing his work to get famous.

“That entire incident with Kanika Kapoor and Baby Doll made a bad impression in my head,” Dr. Zeus quoted. “She said that I used her and made money through her name when the reality is that I was robbed by her.

She has been selling my music to some of the top music labels in this country, saying that it’s her music. She took my music, without signing any sort of document from me, or asking for my permission to use it.”

2. Gets into a tussle with other judges in the reality show “The Voice”

Being a good singer, she was judging the singing reality show “The Voice” along with Adnan Sami, Armaan Malik, and Harshdeep Kaur. She got into conflict when she gave her judgment on the performance of a contestant named Anikait who sang “Tu Mere Agal Bagal Hai,”.

Kanika Kapoor disliked the performance and commented that Anikait shouldn’t copy Mika Singh and come up with his personality.

On the other hand, Harshdeep backed up the performance of Anikait stating that Anikait got inspired by Mika and he has sung very well.

It just looked like Kanika Kapoor was tough to impress. Furthermore, she also exchanged blows with other singers judges Adnan Sami and Armaan Malik on the same performance remarks.

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