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Dirty secrets of Bollywood award functions

Award functions certainly play an important role in the cinema but, have you ever wondered that how do they decide upon whom should be given the award or how the categories and the guest list of the award functions are decided? Certainly not! Right? We only love to watch these four-hour-long shows however, there are many dark secrets about these award functions that are still unknown to many. So, let’s have a look:

Fake shots and cheering

And those repeated reaction shots from celebrities that look as fake as they could be? Well, they are fake, because no actor stays throughout the four-hour-long duration of the show except for the hosts. They walk in for their respective awards, smile, and wave, and walk out, and the hapless camera and editing teams try to extract the most out of those few reactions. Apart from this, the continuous noises and cheerings are also said to the part of editing.

Performance Fee Bargains

Recently, in an interview, Akshay Kumar had revealed the secret, “Many a time, award show organizers, often in exchange for giving an award, to me, ask me to reduce my performance fees. But I tell them that you Keep your award and give me my complete performance fee.” Perhaps, he, and several other talented actors like him, are refusing to do so now, and are hence being snubbed by these award shows.

Process of famous award shows 

After the final nominations, the Award show team sends an invitation to related actors. In turn of the manager of the actor, tells them if the actor is busy with the shooting of his film, or is out of town. Because of this, he would not be able to attend the award show. But, when it becomes final that he would be the one to get an award, then at the last moment, the actor attends the award show.

Rishi Kapoor had bought his first Award 

Rishi Kapoor revealed during an interview that after the release of his first film ‘Bobby’, he had ‘bribed’ the show makers to get the best debut actor award.

It’s the coterie that rules the roost 

And this is precisely the reason that many renowned actors are now shunning these shows. First Aamir Khan and Sunny Deol did it and now Kangana Ranaut too has followed suit and joined them by steering clear of these sham of a Bollywood award shows. Apart from them, Ajay Devgn, John Abraham, and Naseeruddin Shah are also amongst the ones to say a big ‘NO’ to the award functions. They have clearly stated that they feel these shows are ridiculously biased.

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