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Interesting Facts About PIHU- A Film Based On Real Story

Here is a list of facts that would make PIHU a must watch for you!

4. Storyline

The story revolves around Pihu a two-year-old kid who is alone in a house. Her mother is shown lying unconscious and is actually dead. Pihu does various heart threatening things in the house. She switches on the water heater and iron. Keeps chapati on the burner and a steel plate in the microwave. All the time the audience is astounded horrified and pray about her well being.

3. Awards

Before hitting the cinema screens Pihu already won many awards. In 2017, it was premiered at an International film fest and it won the people’s choice award for the best film. Also, it took over the grand award for the best feature film in the international fest. The film will sooner mark its name in the guineas book of world records.

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