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THIS Actor Auditioned For FRIENDS’ Joey TWICE & Thought He Would’ve Been Funnier Than Matt LeBlanc

The Simpsons’ Hank Azaria taught he could’ve been funnier than
FRIENDS Matt LeBlanc for Joey’s role  .

Hank Azaria is best known for voicing in The Simpsons but little do many know that be auditioned to be FRIENDS’ Joey… twice. Yes, maker choosen Matt LeBlanc and we understand no one else could’ve done a better Joey but Hank thought otherwise.

In a report published in HuffPost, Hank said, “That’s the only job I ever auditioned for twice. I thought it was so good — they had rejected me once — I said, ‘I’m going back, I’m gonna do it again, I’m gonna try it again. At first, in my opinion, in the first few episodes of ‘Friends’, he hadn’t really found it. And all that first season I was like, ‘I could’ve been funnier than him!’”

Though with later seasons he agreed that Matt LeBlanc was a perfect Joey, Hank said, “He really found himself in that role.”

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