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Women Are Posting Photos Of Their Cleavage On Twitter, Here’s Why!

Give me a chance to let you know folks a fun reality – a lady’s bosom isn’t that huge an arrangement; it’s for the most part simply fat. They are as futile as that of a guy’s, aside from when we need to breastfeed. Truth be told, they are the number 1 motivation behind why young ladies don’t favor running, if you catch my drift. At the point when folks gaze at a lady’s bosom and judge her ‘character’ in light of its perceivability, it appears to be really odd to us ladies.

So when a Frenchwoman named Celine was eve-prodded in the city by an outsider for wearing a V-neck top that made her cleavage noticeable, she concluded that she had enough.

She took to Twitter and posted an image of her top, parading her cleavage, and tended to all the eve-secrets of the world.

“In this way, as indicated by a sort, who crossed quite recently, this is a ‘messy prostitute’s cleavage’. These are my bosoms and I state f*ck you”, her tweet generally deciphers.

Her post immediately went viral and soon her feed was flooded with supportive messages. Inspired by her, many other women took to social media to post pictures of their cleavage, asking people to tone down the hysteria behind a woman’s breasts. That’s when #JeKiffeMonDecollete or #ILoveMyCleavage in English started trending on Twitter!


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