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TV Actors Who Actually Dated Their Reel Life Parents In Real Life

many times this onscreen magic and taken to the next step when the couple starts dating each other in their real life, some of which are fine, and some which are hard to believe especially when they are not exactly of the same generation.

Here are some of the on-screen actors who started dating their reel life parents:

1. Ram Kapoor and Eva Grover:

Ram Kapoor who got really famous for his house-hold character in the TV show “Bade Achhe Lagte Hai”, got into the news for two of the major topics – one of which was his transformation, the other is our hot-topic. And Ram started dating Eva Grover who was cast as his stepmother in the TV show and this news made its way to the industry and fans really swiftly. The other side of the story was when this question of the relationship was asked to Eva, she refused this news instantly stating it as utter nonsense on the media’s part.

2. Siddharth Shukla and Smita Bansal:

Remember the good old TV show Balika Vadhu started way back in 2008 which was one of the most famous shows of all time. Color’s Balika Vadhu soon took a leap when the characters were grown up and Siddharth made his on-screen debut and suddenly became a sensation among girls out there. He also made news when the rumors of him dating the technical mother-in-law from the same show, mother of Jaggiya Smita took media by storm. The vacation they spend in Dubai was also a strong signal for the same link-up news.

3. Sunil Dutt and Nargis:

Surely one of the most romantic on-screen and an off-screen couple of Bollywood, Sunil, and Nargis were also cast in a movie Mother India where Nargis was the mother of Sunil. There was an incident on the set when the set caught fire and Sunil saved Nargis and was burnt himself with wounds. Sunil always was a fan of Nargis but she was rumored dating Raj Kapoor that time but after this fiasco, Nargis was taking care of Sunil in the hospital and later they got into a relationship and also got married.

4. Ankit Gera and Monika Singh:

Do you still recall the over-dramatic, over-rated TV show Mann ki Awaz – Pratigya? Quite literally yes. This show was one of the most favorite TV shows in all the Indian households years back but we are going to give you another news from the show. Ankit’s on-screen mom from the same show Monika was found dating him and the news got a lot of attention during those years but they were not actually accepting the fact that they were getting married sometime after. Later they got separated which is news for a different day.

5. Alok Nath and Neena Gupta:

Our dearest Alok Nath, considered as the epitome of purity and sankaars was also not so sanskari I guess. Back in the days of shooting of the movie Buniyad, which also cast Neena Gupta as one of the main lead, rumors of dating of the two was really awe to listen or read. Neena, who was playing the role of Alok’s daughter in law dating someone who was much elder than him, sure did get a lot of questions and a hell lot of publicity in the Indian audience.

6. Harshad Arora and Aparna Kumar:

Rumors of Harshad Arora and Aparna Kumar dating each other started taking errands while they were shooting for a TV soap Mayavi Maling where Harshad was cast as the on-screen son of Aparna. Also, while Aparna told the reporters that she and Harshad are good friends and do share a great bond, Harshad was the one to make these rumors bleak and baseless.

So this was our list of actors who actually dated their reel life parents.

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