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Cricketer Shikhar Dhawan’s Wife Reveals Why She Always Wears a Cap!

Shikhar Dhawan is one of the famous cricketers in the country. He is a bumper opener and his bombastic opening innings make bowlers sweat. His wife Ayesha Dhawan is also quite popular on social media. Ayesha is 11 years older to Shikhar Dhawan. But age gap never bothers the couple and they lead a very happy married life with their 3 kids.

Did you ever notice that Ayesha mostly wears a cap? This made a curiosity among her fans that why she do so? Earlier, Ayesha was also asked many times in her interviews why she always wears the caps. Ayesha finally replied and revealed the reason on social media. Ayesha wrote,

“Many People Ask Me Why I Am Always In My Training Gear Or Always Wear A Cap. I’ll Finally Answer (Lol). I Don’t Waste Time On Unnecessary Thinking Or Decision Making. I Only Put My Effort Into What I Consider Priority Or Importance In My Life Or Even Down To A Day To Day Level.

I Like Fitness So I Train Every Single Day And After Training I Am With My Family And Growing My Home Which Includes Having Meals As A Family, Me Doing My Own Housework, Cooking Cleaning, Taking Kids To School, Doing Activities, Working On My Business, Looking After Kids, Playing With Kids, Making My Videos For My YouTube Channel Etc.”

Ayesha further wrote,

“So For Me, I Don’t Waste Time In Dressing Up Or Fixing My Hair. That Time Is Wasteful For Me. I Rather Do What Is Needed For My Day And My Personal Life To Be Productive.

I Make My Life Work For Me As A Parent And As An Entrepreneur By Choosing Where I Invest My Time And My Effort. I NEVER Feel OVERWHELMED Due To This Reason. I Mean At The End Of The Day There Is Only 24 Hours That Each Individual Gets And So I Make It Work For Me.”

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