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5 Most Beautiful South Indian Actresses Who Died Mysteriously at a Very Young Age

Today South film industry is not limited to South India only. The popular Hindi movie channels feature them as they are like by the audience all over the country. Bollywood movies are making the remakes of South Indian movies these times. South Indian actresses are also getting Bollywood offers. However, today we will tell you about the actresses who left this world at a very young age.

1) Soundarya Raghu

The Suryavansham film actress who starred opposite Amitabh Bachchan died after 5 years of the film release. She was 31. She was pregnant at that time. But her family didn’t find her dead body. It was about April 17, 2004, Soundarya was travelling in an aeroplane which got crashed and burst into flames. Soundarya’s brother Amarnath was also on the plane with her and he also died.

2) Prathyusha

Pratyusha was a promising Telugu actress. She was only 21 years old when committed suicide along with boyfriend Siddharth Reddy by consuming poison. However, her boyfriend survived but she died. She was in love with him since childhood and wanted to marry Siddharth but her family was against it. Dejected Pratyusha took a drastic step and ended her life.

3) Aarti Agarwal

31 years old Agarwal, who had undergone a liposuction surgery six weeks prior, had severe breathing problems before her death. Her manager stated the cause of her death was cardiac arrest.

4) Silk Smitha

35 years old Silk found dead in her Chennai home on September 23, 1996, much to the shock of her fans. The reason behind her death remains a mystery. Some believe it was suicide, due to depression over her debt accumulated from producing movies, while others call it foul play.

5) Bhargavi

On 16 December 2008, 25 years old Bhargavi was found dead in her apartment with Praveen Kumar, an Orchestra troupe operator. In the suicide note, Praveen mentioned that they got married a few​ months ago but as she received offers in the movie industry she distanced herself from him, which is why he murdered her and killed himself. It is so unfortunate for Tollywood to lose a talented actress like Bhargavi.


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