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From Aishwarya Rai To Yukta Mookhey, Celebrities Who Were At The Receiving End Of Mental And Physical Abuse

The silver-screen is not that rosy as it seems like. In a movie obsessed nation, where we look up to celebrities for their passionate and enduring love stories, it is quite a shock to hear stories of physical abuse and domestic violence in the film industry which is more than 100 years old now.

It is not that only television actress or Bollywood actresses have been a victim of such heinous crime, the story is even same for Hollywood.

From film-stars to beauty queens to TV actresses, no section of the glamour world has been spared from its clutches. Here are some of the actresses that have come out in the media and reported about the physical and mental abuse they suffered in their relationships.


Well, we all are quite aware of most talked about the love story of Salman Khan and Aishwarya Rai. The affair generated a big storm when their break-up story hit the newspaper and tabloids. But, what went so wrong between the two such ‘good looking’ people that they went ahead for an over-hyped break-up? Well, Aishwarya after the split opened about the abuse that she faced from Salman Khan and how she has to endure Salman’s alcoholism and infidelity. They broke up after Salman Khan accepted that he was cheating on her. Aishwarya calls this relation to be a nightmare.

Zeenat Aman-Sanjay Khan

A former beauty queen, successful actress, and model had an unfortunate relationship and married life. In 80s Zeenat’s relationship with already married Sanjay Khan ended up on a very bad note. There were reports in the print that Sanjay brutally bashed up Zeenat in front of his wife in hotel Taj. He thrashed her so much that Zeenat got a permanent scar on her eye. After this incident, Zeenat went into the state of shock and had to be injected with anti-depressants three times a day. She later got married to Mazhar Khan. She faced domestic violence in this relationship, later she filed for divorce but Mazhar’s death due to renal failure brought an end to their marriage.


Right after the much-hyped, ‘Rahul Mahajan ka Swayamwar’ with Dimpy Ganguly, news of her complaining about domestic violence started taking media rounds. She spoke out loud about his abusive ways and how Rahul used to point his gun at her during their fights. Pictures of her completely bruised went viral, after which she filed for divorce.

Karishma Kapoor-Sanjay Kapur

The actress belonged from the first family of Bollywood, The Kapoor too have not got spared from the horror of domestic violence. The actress is now divorced from her husband Sanjay Kapur and the reason for their divorce was domestic violence case. While the custody of the kids was already granted to Karisma, it was later decided that Sunjay will have occasional access to them.

Rucha Gujarathi-Mitul Sanghavi

Her name to fame was the show Kkusum, which got her all the recognition. Later she got married to businessman Mitul Sanghavi and reportedly her marriage hit the rock bottom due to the physical and mental abuse at the hands of her husband and in-laws. Reports claimed that on various occasions she was badly beaten by her husband and in-laws. The torture was to an extent that she was deprived of meals and asked to foot the bill for her expenses.

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