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8 Characters From 90s Advertisements That Today Generation Misses

Media was not developed like this today in 90s. Ads are very limited. And those ads are always connected to the time of our lives that we cherish the most. 1. The Air India Maharajah Known For His Oversized Moustache…

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10 Times Indian Advertisements Made Us Go ROFL; You’ll Lose Faith In Humanity After #7

India is a very funny country and we love everything that is stupid and crazy. From offensive posters to stupid advertisements, from crazy classifieds to dumb print ads, wherever you go in the country you will definitely find something that…

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8 Bizzare Auctioned Items That Will Make Your Eyes Pop Out!

Celebrity merchandise auctions are pretty common. Usually, it’s the clothes they wore for a movie that’s usually sold for a charitable cause. However, there are certain pieces which go under the hammer that will really shock you. 1. Salman Khan’s…

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11 Pictures That Prove Indians Are The Swag Kings Who Don’t Give A F*ck To What Others Think!

India is a phunny country and Indians are phunnier. And Indians keep on giving subtle proofs from time to time. But one thing is for sure, love them or hate them but you just cannot ignore them. No matter what…

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10 Careers Rahul Gandhi Should Probably Consider In Life!

ndian National Congress is destroyed, The Dynasty is almost dead, Sonia Gandhi is out, and most importantly Rahul Gandhi’s political career is uncertain. But no no…Rahul Gandhi doesn’t need to get disheartened because we all love him for many reasons.…

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12 Comedian Stand Up Quotes That Philosophically Question Every Aspect of Human Life

“You’ve never met an Indian bloke, you’ve never heard an Indian joke…” Here are a couple of some great ones with philosophy and humor at their core. 1. Writer vs lawyer 2. Every Indian mom has a three-second rule. 3.…

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