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10 Funny Advertisements On Indian Roads And Now We Can Only Say, ‘Yeh India Hai, Yahan Kuch Bhi Ho Sakta Hai’

Go out on the Indian roads and you will find some really really funny advertisements and hoardings that are not only hilarious but some of them also actually make sense. The content on them is so eye-catching that you cannot…

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20 Hilariously Funny Tweets For All Indians Who Have Grown Up Hearing ‘Engineering Me Bahut Scope Hai!’

For Indian parents, there is no career choice better than engineering for their children and your life is a total waste if you have not cracked any of the various engineering entrance exams in the country. Not to mention that…

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Twist Kamariya! This Man Has Become An Overnight Internet Sensation And His Insane Pose Is Creating A Series Of Viral Memes

The social media is a funny place. It can make anyone popular. ANYONE. This time the internet is going crazy over this man who is seen balancing himself over two rocks while posing for a picture and trying not to…

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16 Funny Facebook Status Updates From Indians That Will Make You Say ‘Isko Utha Le Re Baba!’

While everyone has the right to have their own Facebook and Instagram profiles (or a Twitter handle) for that matter but let us be very honest- posting on the social media is not everyone’s cup of tea. Some of us…

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14 Dumbest People Of The Internet, That You’ll Love To Meet!

This world is full of dumb people. Don't agree with us? Look around then. At your workplace, at the gym, at the restaurant and at the shopping complex. You will definitely find a handful of them almost everywhere. There is…

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Indian Labourers Lead Not-So-Easy Life In Singapore Slums! Photographers Display The Plight

Singapore is synonymous with development, clean environment and beautiful infrastructure. The country, is not just touted as one of the safest places in the world, but pulls in large amount of tourists from across the world, every year. But, beyond…

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From The Longest Penis To The Longest Eyelashes, 10 People With Insanely Long Body Parts

Human beings are radically different from one another. While someone has a very long and prominent nose, someone else has comparatively longer legs. All of these incredible differences in our physical appearances make us unique and human. However, there are…

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Bad Day At Work? These People Who Were Fired From Their Jobs For The Dumbest Reasons Might Just Help You Feel Better

Losing your job is a pretty awful experience for all of us, no matter what the circumstances are. Majority of the times people get fired for being late to work or being lousy or for any other valid reason, but…

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8 Weird Sexual Rituals From Around The World That Are Crazy AF.

This world is a strange place. Certain things are okay only until they are done behind the close walls of a room. It is perfectly alright to get kinky in one's bedroom but definitely not okay to do so in…

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Sshhhh Koi Hai!! 8 Roads And Highways In India Where People Claim To Have Seen The ‘Haunted’ Are Chilling Our Bones

There are more haunted places in India than you probably know. From all the stories we have heard about it seems that all the ghosts in India live in the roads and the highways. From spotting a woman in a…

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