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Bad & Weird Habits Of Bollywood Superstars, That Will Give You Loud Laugh For Sure!

Bad & Weird Habits of Bollywood Superstars, That Will Give You Loud Laugh For Sure!


Bollywood beauty Preity zinta is cleanliness freak when it comes to bath room. She will get really upset if bathroom is not clean and if she wants to stay in any hotel she makes sure that bathroom is hygiene.

Saif Ali Khan:

Saif ali khan also loves to spend time in bathroom, his bathroom is so comfortable it has library and telephone extension, seems like he loves to read and talk while taking bath.

Ayushman Khurana:

This actor is in love with his teeth, unavoidable companion is his dental kit. He prefers to brush his teeth often.We can see Ayushman’s teeth glowing in seanes.

Kareena Kapoor:

Kareena Kapoor admits that she has a bad habit of biting nails, she thinks that is a addiction, and most often puts her finger in her mouth. All her effort to control this habit is not helping her.

Sushmita Sen:

She likes to have bath in her open terrace where she has apparently place her bathtub.

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John Abraham:

One of the Fittest actor in Bollywood also has bad habits. His bad habit is shaking his legs while sitting and he thinks this is very annoying to person who sits next to him.

Priyanka Chopra:

Priyanka Chopra is very systematic and she prefers her things orderly and organized. She will get upset if the things are not in place.

Vidya Balan:

This Gorgeous actress has a habit of staying away from her mobile which is a good thing but sometimes she ends up not checking her mobile for days, as a result she often miss some of the important events.

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